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Getting organic traffic is terrific. However, it generally doesn’t suffice as your only source of traffic. Using paid ads as a part of a Search Engine Marketing campaign will boost your traffic. But should every business be using paid ads?

First of all, what are paid ads?

The most common form is pay-per-click on search engines and social media sites. PPC or paid ads work like this: Businesses bid for specific keywords that potential target consumers might search. For every click-through a user makes, the business pays – and that’s what makes it such an enticing strategy. In theory, the cost of ads per click will pale in comparison to the long-term return-on-investment. After all,

Types of Paid Ads

There are a few top platforms to consider when constructing a paid ad marketing strategy. Social media platforms offer one type of advertising, while Google offers another. 


The PPC program at Google is the first thing anyone thinks of regarding paid ads. Since it’s the search engine of choice for billions of people, it only makes sense. Thousands of businesses receive many visits due to Google paid ads. Simultaneously, Google is very competitive, and the algorithm rewards websites that users find useful and engaging. To thrive on Google, businesses must be ready to strategically tackle niche keywords while optimizing everything about their website.

Instagram & Facebook

These two platforms are intertwined since Facebook owns Instagram. To get set up as a Business account on Instagram, you’ll need a Facebook business account anyway. Instagram is best to receive an influx of engaged users, building brand awareness while attracting more sales directly from the platform. Facebook is best for garnering leads since the algorithm relies heavily on in-depth personal information. Knowing the target persona is so vital on either platform.

How to know if paid ads are right for a business?

Based on the option mentioned, it’s more complicated. Paid ads are great to get small businesses up and running. Additionally, they can drive medium to large companies out of a plateau.

Businesses should, however, consider their paid ad strategy first before setting anything up. Establishing a clear target audience is the first step. Next comes researching the best, search-intent optimized keywords that will reach the target audience. Depending on buyer personas, some platforms might make more sense than others.

Finally, consider your budget and estimate potential ROI for each platform, and take advice from paid ad experts to save time.