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Social media is a powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses that provide an excellent way for companies to target current and potential customers. Social networks are a direct line of communication between companies and users. Today, consumers are open to expressing their preferences, needs, and desires on social media more than other mediums. With this in mind, businesses have an opportunity to target customers based on what they know about them without having any physical contact. This ability makes social media the most effective advertising research tool for data collection.

Social media platforms like Instagram allow businesses to track customers’ actions, collect their information, and see what consumers want to purchase. Data can provide marketers with valuable information that will lead to higher conversion rates, sales targets, and profits. The complexity of ad targeting is determined by what the user posts, what they like, and who they follow. It allows businesses to target their ads to multiple groups of individuals. Ads are becoming more sophisticated over time because of their ability to collect data from the customer and target them with what they want.

Businesses use social media to collect data on their customers, such as age group, gender, race, location, and interests. This information allows them to personalize the ads they show you or potential customers. E-commerce marketers use your information to tailor their offerings per your profile. They can also predict what kind of products you’ll be interested in based on past purchases and likes, among other things.

Outside of data, marketers have become sophisticated with the visual assets and copy used in ads. They know how to engage you by creating interactive content that makes you take action. Additionally, they use emojis, GIFs, and videos to grab your attention on social media more quickly than just a text-based ad. They use user-generated content to make you feel connected to the brand in a way very similar to the connectedness you feel when your friends post organic content.

The marketing and advertising possibilities are truly endless when it comes to social media. The next time you like, comment, or share online, think about what your actions may be telling brands about you and yourself as a consumer.