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Technology enthusiasts consider Google Analytics is a rich source of data. Also, any marketer who uses this tool is regarded as a pioneer in the industry. However, understanding how to navigate the tool and its complicated platform is something else. This article incorporates incredible tools to help you use Google Analytics more effectively.

Make Use of the On-Site Search Queries

When individuals get to access your site, chances of being overwhelmed are extremely high unless your site is one-pager. Many people tend to tackle the matter using a search bar, while others do not implement it. If you do not utilize the search bar on your site, you are likely to miss out on a lot of relevant data.

The hidden goldmine is lying in a search bar on the right side of your site in the Google Analytics. You should then implement the on-site search report, which will give you the search history of the people who visited the site. It will provide you with the exact keywords used by individuals and what people want to see when they visit your site.

Evaluate the Sales Between Mobile and Desktop

Analysis has revealed that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic within the past few years. This has been ranked as the driving factor in traffic generation across the globe. However, most people focus on the optimization of their sales for desktop conversion purposes rather than mobile. This is said to be the biggest mistake that people make on their sites.

Analyze the number of sales made through desktop and mobile conversion. This will help you to identify which sector you need to focus on compared to the other. You can do the analysis using the Mobile Overview report that is found under the audience category.

Develop Custom Dashboards

Due to the comprehensive reports offered by Google Analytics, you can easily lose your focus on doing the metrics. Note that the metrics you will focus on do not significantly impact the picture and success portrayed by your site. Develop custom dashboards that display direct information regarding the entire activity.


Not knowing how to use Google Analytics gives many people a hard time analyzing their sites’ performance. Implementing the above-discussed tips makes work easier.