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The UK is experiencing a startup boom as more and more people leverage technology and innovation to establish their own entrepreneurships. A few of these businesses stand out for their innovativeness and ability to meet existing social and economic needs. Here are some of the 2019’s notable startups in the United Kingdom.

Chatterbox, founded in 2016, is a social enterprise platform that allows new immigrants and other unemployed persons to rebuild and re-establish their careers locally. The platform provides users with the opportunity to share their skills, experiences, and competencies as relates to foreign languages.

Users get a chance to earn by providing linguistic services in multiple minority dialects to organizations as well as other users who may need their services. It is a revolutionary platform that is bound to change the livelihoods of immigrants, not only in the UK but also across the globe.

Nested was founded in 2016 as a real estate property listing and valuation platform. The online-based real estate agency allows property sellers to list their properties with in-depth analysis, including valuation. Agents on Nested also get a chance to co-ordinate the property listing, prospecting, and selling processes. They can facilitate site visits, pre-sale negotiations with property owners, and property renovation.

Lumen is one-of-a-kind social networking and dating mobile app founded in 2018. The application is tailored to allow users to create a comprehensive personal profile. Users also get a chance to meet like-minded persons through automated match-making. The platform is optimized for individual safety and security by ensuring that every registered person is verified and has high-resolution mug shots included.

Soldo is a financial startup that allows customer businesses and individuals to balance their budgets well. The platform is particularly suited for organizations and companies, and it enables organizations to set a credit limit on employee-issued prepaid cards. With the cards, employees get a chance to spend organizational funds only up to a preset limit. Such a configuration allows organizations to take control of their operational expenses on a day-to-day basis.

Factmata is a tech startup that leverages artificial intelligence to help solve some of the common problems that the world is facing today relating to false information across the web. The fact-checking platform uses artificial intelligence and human input to help build a better information ecosystem. It remains, arguably, one of the most competent tools that help fight against the perpetuation of false information and fake news across the web.