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Live streaming is an extremely effective way of advertising in the digital age. It provides an eye-catching video format while providing a more authentic and casual feel than carefully filmed ads. To get the most out of live streaming, follow these tips.

Select the Right Platform
One essential thing in planning any live stream is choosing the platform. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a very intuitive streaming method that directly shares the stream with an audience. Twitch is a streaming-focused service with millions of users, so it can be useful for streaming things related to media, esports, gaming, reviews, and crafts.

Use Helpful Equipment
It is not good to have live stream viewers distracted by fuzzy footage, poor sound, or a shaky camera. Most modern smartphones come with a high-resolution camera suitable for streaming. However, streamers will need a tripod or stabilizer to keep their footage steady. It is also helpful to get a mic that can capture clear sound and arrange a background and lighting that highlight the streamer. Finally, most live streams can benefit from downloading software to help edit the stream.

Plan What to Say
A significant benefit of live streaming can be that it looks spontaneous and informal, but this does not mean streamers should make up everything as they go along. This can lead to awkward pauses, confusing messages, or forgetting important information. A rough script can be quite helpful. There is no need to plan everything out word for word, but try to map out the general topics to cover and the stream’s order.

Promote the Stream
Even the best live stream can be entirely ineffective if no one is watching it. Start by promoting the stream on social media a couple of days in advance. Provide information on what topics will be covered, when the stream will be held, and where it can be found. On the day of the stream, post a link to the stream on Facebook and Twitter to alert followers. Afterward, it may be wise to post a video of the finished stream, so those who missed it can catch up.