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In the business world, where competition is inevitable, being savvy about research and marketing trends is advantageous. Since the outbreak of COVID 19 in 2020, things have not been the same as we work, interact and live. The containment measures of the global pandemic in most countries restricted movements and emphasized working at home. As in-person interactions diminished, the use of social media has become more popular as people strive to catch up with their loved ones in digital spaces. Marketers need to have a keen look at the following social media platforms gaining popularity each day.


TikTok is a fast-rising app in popularity due to its simplicity in creating and sharing short-form videos. The app is unique from other video-sharing platforms in that users can easily add fun effects, AR filters, musical overlays, and other effects. Marketers need to develop content that aligns with this app to reach their target population easily. With most of its users being young people, TikTok can be a game-changer in marketing.


Caffeine is one of the best social broadcasting platforms specializing in gaming, creative arts, and entertainment. It allows the users to create live broadcasts for friends and other followers, enabling them to interact in real-time with emojis and comments. Marketers can use this platform to engage their followers and get feedback about their product offerings.


HouseParty is a video platform that is creatively designed for a group. It hosts a maximum of eight persons who can send texts to each other and play games. HouseParty users can use their creativity to produce fun-filled content since it allows filters, stickers, and other fun effects. The app currently does not offer advertisements– though marketers can use their creativity to reach their audience.


Vero is a social media platform that resembles Instagram. The app is unique in that it does not allow adverts, data mining, and algorithms. Vero users share content that includes music, photographs, television shows, and other content conveniently by selecting the target group, including followers, friends, close friends, or acquaintances. It is suitable for organizations that want to connect meaningfully with their audiences.

Marketing managers who keep in touch with trends in social media will create an impact on their businesses. As the world is continuously changing, so does technology. Investing in social media campaigns will pay off for companies in the long run.