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Although the coronavirus pandemic has meant an uncomfortable change of life for most people, it has presented us with unique opportunities. We’ve already seen that many work and school activities can be performed virtually, events can be hosted online, and businesses can deliver right to your home. When it comes to marketing specifically, companies and agencies have quickly responded in the face of COVID-19.

Consumers are likely to notice a few ways in which companies are pivoting. First, many events have been postponed or canceled altogether. However, events that can be put on virtually have been able to go on. With a few changes, organizations can safely fulfill those promises while people watch and even participate safely from the comfort of their own homes. Some organizations that may not have been able to host their traditional events online have looked toward other activities that work well over a screen.

Aside from these virtual events, companies have worked to improve their online presence. For some companies, this may mean having a Web store for the first time, while others are dusting the cobwebs from their sites. There’s been a surge in content, which can range from infographics to webinars, that visitors, whether they be potential business partners or customers, will find useful. Since so many websites and marketers have worked to create content marketing that can generate leads and improve consumer relations, this shift may be easier than some. Companies don’t necessarily have to change how they speak but can focus on what they’re saying.

In addition to virtual events and online presence, many companies have adjusted messaging in their advertising campaigns. This reassures consumers of steps the business has taken to remain safe and to make it safe for clients to continue to patronize the company or use its products and services. Messaging changes can also strengthen a brand by showing that a company cares for its employees and the world.

While companies and IT personnel have had to scramble to make some of these changes possible, it’s clear that the world doesn’t necessarily have to operate as it did pre-coronavirus. We may be left with some positive changes once the pandemic is behind us.