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Whether a company is just starting out or has noticed a decrease in their search ranking, the remedy is the same: They both need website visitors. But in a world where first-page ranking is the holy grail, what does one do when they can’t even rank at all?

While landing on the first page of search results is ideal, there are ways to increase traffic to a website, even if it’s not ranking as well as expected.

Keyword Research
When it comes to SEO, keywords make the world go around. However, not every business knows how to use them or how to research the ones that boost web traffic. While it seems like a no-brainer choosing the most popular or trending keywords, it could do more harm than good.

With everyone trying to increase their rank, they too are probably using those same keywords in their content. That means regardless of how well your content is written; the competition might be too intense to rank. Try researching long-tail keywords and phrases like the ideal buyer would. Take note of how people are using Google or other search engines to find what they want.

Blog More Often
Brands that only post here and there content usually miss their mark. On the other hand, brands that blog and create content consistently often generate more website traffic.

Focus on creating quality content that the target audience looks forward to each week. If time permits, brands can post more frequently but never post simply for the sake of posting. Leads and even current customers can see when a business is just trying to appear more active online.

Write for the Audience
Far too often, businesses try to market to masses but ultimately fail. This happens for several reasons. First, unless a company is known internationally, marketing to everyone on earth isn’t feasible. The second reason this doesn’t work is content direction.

Businesses need to write for the target audience, not the product or service they’re trying to push. Writing for the target audience again means thinking like the target audience.

Boosting organic traffic takes more than wishful thinking. It takes strategic planning and mapping out of content, which a business knows will attract the right type of customer.