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Cybersecurity is changing the way companies are operating today and in the future. Every organization must be proactive in protecting their information from hackers. Most businesses are putting in place security measures. Here are a few of the new emerging cyber trends for 2021.

Cybersecurity Insurance
In 2020, firms were increasing cybersecurity insurance policies. Criminals began attacking company employees who work off-campus during Covid-19. This insurance covers a company when there is a data breach of personal information. In 2021, cyber insurance premiums will increase due to cyber threats. It is wise for leaders of every industry to stay knowledgable of current and possible threats.

Employees & Insider Risks
Employees and insiders are risks for companies trying to protect their computer systems. These persons may have access to all the company’s data in some cases. For example, a former employee accessed one million social insurance numbers in Canada. Businesses are reviewing who has access to important company information and streamlining the process of removing former employees’ access to systems.

Ransomware Protection
Ransomware attacks are becoming more common. Computer criminals use software (i.e., malware) to stop a company from using their computers. Then, the bad actors ask for money to release the company’s files. In 2020, about 600 medical facilities fell victim to ransomware attacks. Furthermore, the medical community lost about $20 billion in 2020 due to ransomware. But there’s more.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) programs are available. The CISA website is an excellent free online resource to help protect your company from hackers. The CSIA provides forums and tools on how to cut data attacks. In 2020, more than 15,000 people attended the virtual National Cybersecurity Summit.

Supply Chain Attacks
In 2021, the supply chain challenges will have an impact on products and services. Supply managers need to put in place tools that keep critical supplies in stock. Try to make sure your supply chain software systems are not vulnerable. The CSIA Sparrow program may help detect possible supply chain attacks. Contact the CISA to find out if your company qualifies for a free computer software scan.

These are just a small handful of emerging cybersecurity techniques and technologies to watch for in 2021. Take measures now to lower the chances of a computer hack.