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Content curation is becoming an increasingly popular way to help generate interest in a business and provide customers with an added benefit for following and keeping up with a brand. Curation can be used as a marketing strategy on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as in emails or newsletters. Properly utilizing this valuable tool can help your company achieve more consistent engagement with its customers.

Curate something unique and exciting.

The most important part of content curation is choosing things that your audience is interested in and haven’t seen before. Choose content relevant to your brand or industry; you can utilize tools like RSS to find niche publications or articles that are brand new. In order to provide value to your consumers and ensure that they continue to engage with you, it’s essential to curate exciting and high-quality things but that they are unlikely to come across on their own.

Add something to the content.

Just sharing a link and the title of the article is unlikely to grab customers’ attention, especially in a social media setting. Adding to the content by writing something original to introduce it, using images if you’re on a social media site like Pinterest, or taking an excerpt from the piece helps contextualize why your business is sharing an article. Adding content also highlights that someone has put effort into selecting the content and has taken the time to read and think about why they are sharing it with their customers, which fosters engagement and loyalty to the brand.

Utilize different mediums.

There are many different methods for sharing curated content with customers. You can make a curated blog post, which provides more room to explain why you have selected each article, or even create a curated online magazine to share. Of course, it’s often easiest to utilize platforms like Twitter, but you should also consider sending content in any business emails so that people have a greater incentive to interact with them. Working with different platforms ensures that your customers have the opportunity to engage with you wherever they feel most comfortable.

The most important thing to remember about content curation is that the object is to share something that will help build your brand story and engage your followers. Using curation as a marketing tool can improve customer relations and give your brand a more positive reputation.