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Search engine optimization is still a fundamental way to bring customers to your website. When today’s consumer checks out a brand, they expect to find that company through a search on their preferred search engine. This is one of the ways many begin to build trust with a company.

It’s also a way for brands to connect with the people searching for them. If a user is on a search engine looking for the very best organic bamboo hairbrush they can find, you want them to find your website over your competitions on the search result pages. By being present on that page, your brand met the consumer exactly when they wanted that information most.

This is a drastically different first impression from trying to gain their attention while scrolling on social media and noticing product display ads.

So how does one get their content onto the search result pages? And once you get someone on your page, how do you maintain their attention? Both of these questions have the same answer. You need to create great content.

Creating Content For Users And SEO
Search engines want to please their users. To keep people using their search engine over any other, they need to make sure their results are what users want.

This is good for your business, too. You want to create content that is relevant to what the user has searched. When they find your page, it will be everything they need. By meeting the user’s needs, you’ve built trust.

So how do you do this?

The first step to any SEO content strategy planning is keyword research.

If you sell organic bamboo hairbrushes on your website, then that’s one of your keywords. What else would your ideal user search for? You can use keyword tools to help generate lists of these. Don’t overdo the usage of keywords, as that looks spammy. Do use them in your headers, the titles of your pictures, your URLs, and your metadata.

Then, create great content around these keywords that meet the user’s expectations. Text content is excellent for SEO, but so are pictures, videos, podcasts, and infographics. Multimedia content has been shown to grab attention and keep it longer.

Do you have an idea for a helpful guide? Or a how-to article? Lists are always a popular option for content.

As you’re creating content for your ideal consumer, always be thinking about meeting their needs, developing your brand, and building trust with them. The best way to increase sales using SEO is to be thinking about the relationship you’re building with the user. When they trust your content, they’re more likely to trust your brand. If they trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

While content is the main focus of your search engine optimization and user experience, you still need a great functioning website as well. That means you need to make sure the page is well organized and easy to navigate, the page loads quickly, and it works well for both mobile and desktop users.

Keep the user experience in mind every step of building a site that both search engines and customers love.