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The last decade has seen the incorporation of artificial intelligence into almost every industry in some capacity. At times it has raised a few eyebrows or been deemed the hallmark of a downward spiral in blue-collar jobs. Numerous sci-fi films have played into human fears of a robotic revolution and takeover. However, that ignores the actual and potential benefits that have come from the technological advances in AI and machine learning. 

As with many other industries, digital marketing has seen the benefits of advancing AI technologies. AI’s ability to collect, analyze, and learn from data make it particularly beneficial to digital marketers. Since digital marketing strategies depend heavily on data that is collected about consumers, it’s easy to see how AI can provide more significant insights for companies. Let’s take a look at a few ways the digital marketing industry has benefited from the development of artificial intelligence. 

Fortune Teller
By collecting and applying data, machine learning techniques, and statistical algorithms, AI can predict the probability of future outcomes. This use of data history is referred to as predictive analysis. Predictive analysis can provide marketers with models that can determine the likelihood of prospects becoming clients, pricing that leads to conversion, or who is likely to be a repeat customer. Rather than being reactive, digital marketing can be redefined as proactive planning as a result of predictive analysis. 

Timely Customer Support
AI chatbots can provide real-time customer support that leaves customers feeling like they’ve received personalized attention. Chatbot technology has advanced to where it can mimic human speech patterns and provide answers to basic questions. Providing a rapid response to customer questions or problems improves their overall impression of the brand. Providing real-time customer support reduces the amount of time customers spend waiting to talk with a customer service representative and improves overall customer satisfaction. 

Making it Personal
Since AI can make data analysis easier and faster, it can provide personalized content to individual prospects based on demographics, location, and past interactions. Potential customers want to receive content and offers that are timely and relevant to them. The better AI gets at making these predictions, the better customers’ experience with the company will be. Customers are much more likely to be repeat customers if they feel the buying process was easy, and they received excellent customer service. 

The incorporation of augmented reality opens up a whole new world for customer experience. It can allow shoppers to “try” a product before buying it or even “try on” clothing without having to set foot in a physical store. These advancements can lead to improved online engagement for a brand and more satisfied customers who make fewer returns. 

Digital marketing has been revolutionized by the advent of AI and machine learning technologies. The benefits aren’t just for industry professionals either; customers also reap the benefits of better, more personalized service. So rather than being something to fear, AI can be cheered on as a champion of individualized marketing and customer service.