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Marketing automation partly involves using software to help manage repetitive marketing tasks. Automated marketing seems to be the undoubted future of the marketing sector, especially given the multiple advantages of automation. Using automated marketing software, such as Customer Relations Management and Customer Data Platform, can help bring about data integration to make crucial marketing decisions.


Automated marketing is beneficial as it brings about collaboration between the marketing and sales categories of business. The marketing aspect generates a funnel of clients who can easily translate into customers after making successful sales. Automated marketing reduces the process and resources required to acquire and convert leads into actual sales by creating the sales funnel. The supported collaboration between marketing and sales increases the likelihood of developing uniform goals and achieving them for more productivity within the business.


The success achieved through marketing automation comes about due to the marketers’ ability to visualize real-time data regarding marketing and the progress achieved per unit time. Automated marketing software can allow marketers to visualize the breakdown of marketing data based on different demographic parameters, such as geographic area, age, economic status, or even gender. Such data is vital in helping businesses to make informed decisions on the most viable population groups that should be focused on.


Automated marketing platforms offer various key features and functionalities, one of which is lead nurturing. This is the process of sending automated emails or other forms of communication to the targeted prospects. Digital marketing automation tools are highly valuable in helping minimize the cost associated with following up on potential clients. The marketing software can help personalize the email marketing campaign. The automated email system enables marketers to visualize interactions with different clients. With all client information integrated within one platform, marketers can easily personalize the campaign on different aspects, such as the products of interest to the client or even using multiple specific communication channels, such as emails and SMS messaging.


Lastly, automated marketing systems allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of customer relations management integration. This is where converted leads from the automated marketing system can be channeled from one department of the company to another. For instance, leads generated by the marketing team can be transferred to the sales team and the front office desk or communication department.