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The rapid expansion of AI into every corner of our lives is sure to bring about impressive changes, some of which we can only begin to imagine. In this blog post, we’ll explore five predictions for the future of AI in 2022. Remember that these are just predictions – nobody can know exactly what will happen in the coming years. Nonetheless, they offer a fascinating glimpse into the potential future of artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for an exciting read.

Language AI Becomes More Prominent

Most large companies use a machine learning-based language AI to handle customer service. For example, Facebook uses automated bots powered by natural-language processing to answer specific questions asked by users.

In 2022, however, the best language AIs will be far more advanced than those available today. Experts predict that these AIs will be able to communicate in the natural language just as well as humans.

The Rise of Personalized Medicine

Artificial intelligence may enable us to understand which medications are most effective for specific patients. This means that doctors will have more relevant information at their disposal when treating patients.

If you visit the doctor today, he will likely prescribe you a treatment based on his own experience and expertise. Even though other doctors may have had different experiences with medication X. Personalized medicine is changing this dynamic for better or worse.

Climate AI Startups Become Unicorns

Today, small companies specializing in climate science and AI exist worldwide. However, most of these startups remain small and relatively unknown.

In 2022, we may see many of them grow to become the coveted ‘unicorns’ investors look for: billion-dollar companies. Why? Because climate change is already a severe problem that demands swift action.

Growth of a New Hybrid Workforce

In 2022, we may start to see this: Humans and robots working together to accomplish goals. Today’s workforce is already changing thanks to the rise of AI, self-driving vehicles, and advances in automation technology.

It’s only a matter of time before these changes become more widespread and lead to new jobs that didn’t exist before.

2022 has excellent trends ahead of us. There’s a lot to look forward to, from the growth of AI to the development of personalized medicine. These advancements will bring great changes to our world, but let’s remember that these are predictions.