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Interactive Technology Corporation

ITC specialises in support services, marketing and software development.

About ITC

Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC) is a technology company made up of highly motivated people who are future-driven. The people who work at ITC are energized by innovation and are proud to be at the leading edge of every new trend that is used these days for branding and marketing strategies. In addition to these marketing skills, they also provide superior support services, as well as software development. They never stop researching and learning new ways to help someone present themselves in the best possible light.

Now a flourishing team of over 70 employees, Stuart Ferster and Warren Ferster began Interactive Technology Corporation with just a small handful of staff members. Word of mouth from countless satisfied customers has helped them thrive. The only thing more impressive than their employees’ talent is their superior customer service. They work above and beyond to make sure each and every client gets the special treatment they deserve. Clients who choose to work with them get an overall customer experience that is exceptional from start to finish. The areas in which they specialize include website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, and social media.














The ITC can provide comprehensive site overhaul services to its clients, offering meticulous restructuring to maximize site organization and create a cohesive branding effort. ITC can also create websites from scratch, and the team’s extensive familiarity with Search Engine Optimization best practices allows them to create websites that are more likely to rank highly in keyword searches.

To complement this, they also offer the option to create a multi-channel social media marketing strategy, which includes the utilization of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter. These marketing campaigns can help brands connect with their target audiences and see a better return on investment for their advertising strategies. 

The ITC also uses data gathered about a business’ customers to analyse how users are interacting with the company online and provide an optimized marketing strategy for the company to utilize. ITC can then monitor how each customer proceeds through the purchasing process and offer further advice to their clients. Utilising this method, the ITC can also help companies provide a better, more cohesive client experience overall by tracking where in the process of interacting with the business customers tend to end their journey. By examining these problem aspects, businesses can restructure their websites to better serve their customers.

Interactive Technology Corporation relies very strongly on the methodology of ‘people development’. This means a strategy that involves positioning a client for growth by combining what they care about and what they do for a living. The reason they focus on these two points is that the combination of these two passions is what makes up a person’s brand. ITC zooms in on enhancing the good that is already there and drawing a bigger audience with their many tools at hand. They also help with self-awareness so customers can see if they have any potential pitfalls or shortcomings. They can then, in turn, manage them for maximum success.

Employees of ITC all agree that it’s a wonderful work environment for a variety of reasons. The culture is one of open-air discussions and think tanks. Employees are supported in their pursuit of wellbeing and extracurricular personal growth programs. Despite the company’s success and growth, employees love that it still manages to maintain a feeling of family in the office. Strong performers are recognized and promoted from within. ITC is also a diverse, equal-opportunity company, supporting all types of team members.