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Email marketing is still one of the best returns on investment for many companies. There is more competition in people’s inboxes, but there is still a demand for good content. Email is still a personal way to connect with your audience. The question then becomes, how do you do that? 

It’s time to take a closer look at your email campaigns. To do that, ask yourself three key questions to find out where you can improve. 

What Are You Sending Your Subscribers?
A lot of people believe that internet users no longer read their email. We all know that people are getting a lot of marketing messages these days, and it’s easy to believe that people are simply archiving all to keep their inboxes clean. While some may do this, multiple studies have shown that most people are still reading through all their emails, even if they are being sent frequent messages. The thing is, they expect these emails to be interesting and relevant to them. 

Email marketing isn’t dead; you just need your messages to be worth reading.

When you email your subscribers, ask yourself what needs this message fills in their lives. Is this entertaining? Is it helpful to them because it answers a common question? Does it solve a problem in their lives? You need to know why your audience would want to receive this email. If they wouldn’t be excited about it, don’t send it.

Are You Building Relationships With Them?
You can learn a lot about your audience through your email metrics. Look at what subject lines made them open your email. Look at what they clicked on. What emails did they decide to reply to?

There are a lot of newsletters out there, and competition is fierce. Why would people subscribe to your newsletter over others? Email marketing is changing, and one fundamental way is that readers expect a more personalized experience. They don’t want to be just another number on your list. They want to feel their attention matters to who is talking to them.

You can use the data you have for their interactions with you to segment your list by their interests. Then you can send messages directed to the people who are most interested in your video content or content about subjects most relevant to them. When they can trust you to send things they like, your audience will pay more attention to you. 

Are You Considering What They Need to Know?
When your audience signs up to your list, you have some idea of what they currently know about your company and what you do. What else should they know about your business and your list after signing up? You can create a drip campaign at sign up that will better introduce them to you and get them ready to receive your regular emails. 

You can also create these autoresponder sequences to start up after a specific trigger event like if they click a link that lets you know they are interested in a particular topic, they will now receive a series of personalized emails on that topic from you. This is one more way to be helpful, personalized, and give your audience the content that keeps them opening your emails for more.